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- Guided tours of the Heimathaus
  are gladly organised.
  Duration approx. 1 hour

- Bird carvers are on site and
  and can be observed

- Food and drinks are provided.

Passing on knowledge about the way people lived and worked in our region around 100 years ago

A visit to the “Viechtauer Heimathaus” provides an insight into the rural living and working environment of our ancestors around 1900.
On display are Viechtau goods from the 12th century onwards. There are also utensils and decorative spoons, toys, cots, decorative objects and souvenirs needed for farming and housekeeping.

The parlour in Viechtau's local history house is also a reflection of earlier living and housing conditions.

- Children are also very welcome!
- Admission is free, voluntary donations welcome!


MUSIC - Viechtauer Heimathausmusic

The Heimathaus-Music will be playing for you from 4 - 10 pm!

The popular Heimathaus Music, which was founded in 2018 as part of the season opening, plays authentic folk music with harp, accordion, dulcimer, flute and bass.

Photo: ©Heimathaus Musi