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On the trail of salt -
VIP tour of the salt works:
English tour at 6 pm

Duration approx. 90 minutes; by appointment only
max. 20 people/group

During the factory tour, you will learn how the purest salt is produced from brine at the Ebensee salt works. You will visit the huge evaporator plants, the production of the famous Bad Ischl salt, the world's first high-bay warehouse made entirely of wood, maintenance and the large salt mountains.

Salt has been mined in the Salzkammergut for over 7,000 years

Salinen Austria AG, Austria's only salt producer, is taking its millennia-long tradition into the future with major investments and innovative products. Every year, four million cubic metres of brine are extracted at the Altaussee, Hallstatt and Bad Ischl sites, from which 1.2 million tonnes of salt are produced at the saltworks in Ebensee.

There are currently 580 employees at the Ebensee salt works, in mining, in the salt worlds, at Salinen Immobilien and at the six sales offices in southern and south-eastern Europe.


Requirements for the factory tour

- Participants need sturdy shoes and should be free from giddiness!
- From 14 years!
- English guided tour at 6.00 pm

Salt café with snacks and music from the Ebensee salt works band


MUSIC - Salinenmusikkapelle Ebensee

The Salinenmusikkapelle Ebensee will be playing. The Salinenmusikkapelle Ebensee is one of the six bands of Salinen Austria AG, along with Bad Ischl, Dürrnberg (Hallein), Altaussee, Hallstatt and Hall in Tirol.

Photo: ©Salinenmusikapelle Ebensee